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My thoughts and research on things I've been learning, experiencing, pondering, or hearing about in the worlds of entrepreneurship, marketing, and personal development.

Nice to Meet You

Hey, I'm Dustin 👋

You could get hit by a bus in 6 months…

Here’s a little about me.

I’m an entrepreneur and marketing nerd. I’ve started 10 businesses, and 9 failed.

I currently run an ecommerce marketing agency called JumpX Marketing that I started in 2016. I struggled to start and sustain a business for years, so I know the struggle well if that’s something you’re going through right now.

The subjects I talk about here are things like:
• Personal development experiments
• Productivity, efficiency, and other work hacks
• Starting, marketing, and running a business
• Health and wellness concepts I think are universally useful
• Perspectives that (hopefully) make life a little better

My goal isn’t to pretend to know everything, but to share what I’m learning as I go in the hopes it helps you too. If that sounds interesting, or maybe you just don’t have any friends and want to pretend I’m sending you personal emails once in a while (no judgement), sign up for my Monday Memo newsletter at the top of this page.

Am I forgetting anything?...

Oh yeah—the “you might get hit by a bus” thing…

Just a friendly reminder of reality.

Plan and prepare like you’ll live to 100, but live like you’ll die in 6 months.

Unleash yourself from fears, find/create/do work that matters, and run with the mustangs.

Stay awesome,