Work Better

I Tracked Every Minute of My Work Week, Here’s What I Learned
February 26, 2019

I don’t think most of us realize how little we actually work. Actually, I know most of us don’t.I’m not talking about physically being at your desk or at the office—just being present doesn’t qualify as “work”. For example, when I was at my last job before starting Jump, I remember playing this game of seeing how much water I could drink in a day because it was a good excuse to take 5-minute bathroom breaks every hour. Or what about those people who are more interested in talking with co-workers about last night’s episode of The Bachelor than they are actually, you know, working (if you’re not sure who the office gossiper is, it’s definitely you).Jump has been growing rapidly the past month, and as I’ve been hiring more help, I was curious how many hours of help I would need, and how long some of the repeated tasks I was doing every day or every week were actually taking.So, in typical fashion, I decided to track everything for a week, categorize the results, and use that as my basis for how much help to hire.I learned a TON more than expected.

Why I wouldn’t hire me to work at my company
October 24, 2018

I’ve taken interest lately in figuring out how to hire the right people for the right positions (which of course depends on a lot of different variables like work environment, schedule, peer to peer dynamics, etc.), and I mentioned this to a friend last week who is the CEO of a digital marketing agency.He showed me a tool they use during their hiring process, and he let me try it out on myself. The results were mostly as expected, but still very interesting.

When a Juggler Drops a Ball
September 11, 2017

As a society (and this is especially true for entrepreneurs), we constantly juggle tasks and projects to try to achieve our goals. Not just tasks and projects for one goal at a time, but we also often feel the need to juggle multiple small goals all at once.

The Formula For Getting Things Done
July 20, 2014

As a lot of you already know, I’ve been writing a book for the last couple of months, and it’s now in the editing phase. To be honest, if you found a time machine, went back in time and told me that I’d have a book released this year, I wouldn’t believe you (mostly because there are much cooler things to do if you find access to time travel). Writing a nonfiction book took a lot of effort, but it wasn’t as difficult as I had imagined——because I had a formula.

When to Work for Free
May 25, 2014

Value can come in a lot of different forms, most of which lead back to making money. I’ve written previously about how your time is valuable, and it is, but there are times when it’s ok to work for no money.

You Should Be More Selfish
May 11, 2014

People often ask me to “take a quick look” at their website and give them feedback or help them design a simple logo for their side project. I find myself saying yes a lot of times because it’s usually someone I know that’s asking, and I feel like a jerk if I say no. The problem with this is that if you say yes to enough requests, you end up overwhelmed with projects and with no time for yourself.