Personal Development

How to Structure Personal Annual Reviews (& Why Everyone Should Do Them)
December 14, 2020

So much happens in a year, and we forget most of it. Even really important stuff becomes fuzzy over time, and we can’t remember how we got where we are now, or see any life trends. That’s why I started doing personal annual reviews 7 years ago. Here's how I structure it:

Taking Your Own Advice
February 5, 2020

From the outside looking in, it’s often so easy to know what to do. Think clearly. See the options without interference.

How to Make Hard Decisions With Confidence (A 6-Question Framework)
November 4, 2019

When making difficult decisions, here’s a good framework to use by asking yourself 6 questions. Take a little bit of time to ask yourself these questions, and gather any input you can. Then, make your decision with confidence knowing that you properly thought things through.

Strength, Courage, & Rest in Joshua Tree
September 24, 2018

“Be strong, be courageous, and you will find rest.” That was a theme we were pondering. My wife and I met up with two of our closest friends for a couple of nights out in the desert and a hike in Joshua Tree National Park this past weekend.On the last night, with a pit fire at full blaze, we shared some of our thoughts after experiencing some silence and (semi)solitude, and I want to share them with you too.

Questioning Assumptions for Better Conclusions
August 27, 2018

“Dangit. I can’t find my wallet…again.” I told my wife, apprehensively (I’ve been known to misplace things). “When’s the last time you remember having it?” she asked. And that’s where it all spiraled out of control.It was a Friday morning and I was about to leave for the office, but needed my wallet. I work out of a WeWork co-working space in Hollywood, and I have a keycard that gets me into the doors. And yep, you guessed it, my keycard was in my wallet.I started retracing my steps in my head to figure out where it could’ve been, and rule out where it probably wasn’t. When all else fails, I turn to logic for clues.

Decisions—The Proof is in the Pudding
January 4, 2018

Like an elaborate movie script, our decisions create a string of events that take us from point a (birth) to point z (physical death). Those two points happen to everyone—non-negotiable. Points b through y are within our control. We can influence what happens in life.

You are the Silversmith, and the Silver is You
September 5, 2017

Wayback when, a silversmith would have to go through an extremely intricate and sensitive process for purifying silver. Particularly when making jewelry for a wealthy customer, quality was of the utmost importance.We have all kinds of tools and technology now that make the process much easier and predictable, but back then it took immense concentration and true dedication to master this. Part of the refining process was heating up the metal in a large furnace to melt the silver pieces so you could then mould it to the shape you wanted.

Stress-free Productivity: How to remember every task, and do focused work
August 30, 2017

The goal most days is to be more productive with your work, and eliminating stress at the same time. Fair?It’s all too common of a stereotype, especially with entrepreneurs, that we have to be miserable and overwhelmed to come out successful on the other side. Like a right of passage or something.Well, that’s just not necessary.The real secret is that most people just don’t know what it means to be productive, and how to structure their environments to eliminate stress while increasing the amount that gets done.That’s what this post is all about.I’m going to show you how to get things done quickly and with minimal stress.

Taking Ownership is the Only Way to Level Up
August 27, 2017

How often do you catch yourself blaming other people and other circumstances when your business isn’t growing or something goes wrong?Whether you have employees that work for you or you’re a solopreneur, there’s one theme that stands true:Everything comes back to you.

How to seize the opportunity of a lifetime
July 27, 2017

“The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity.” –Leonard Ravenhill

13 Reasons to Blog Regularly and Write Daily
May 22, 2015

Frequent writing has been praised scientifically and by raw word of mouth by entrepreneurs and great thinkers for generations. In the time we currently live in, we’re blessed with technology that not only allows us to easily write and document what we write, but also to share it with the world.If you don’t currently blog or write in another form regularly (or at all), or you just need a reminder to stick with it, here are 13 reasons...

Value-based & Cognitive Decision Making, and How to Cure Insanity
May 15, 2015

Do you know what the literal antonym of the word, “rational” is? Insanity. And if that’s the case, we’ve all gone mad.Every action we take, no matter how big or small, is driven either by a rational decision, or by the desire for the instant gratification of a chemical rush (which is usually the insane decision). Let me explain to you how I know we’re all crazy.

Average People Who Do Average Things Have Average Lives
April 30, 2015

Behind every separation factor, there are underlying reasons why people think, act, or look differently. Those unique qualities, which are often viewed as extreme or different by outsiders, are what give the people who hold them better-than-average results in their areas of focus.If you want to be above average at something, you need to separate yourself from the average by thinking and acting differently.

Overcoming Perfectionism Paralysis
April 9, 2015

You can’t please everyone every time. If you can’t please other people, the next logical thing to do is to try to produce perfect work at least to your own standards. That ends in just as many tears as trying to produce up to other people’s standards of perfection. After we realize there’s always something that can be improved, and there’s always someone judging us on our output with criteria we can’t possibly fully predict, we just stop trying.

How to Master and Embrace the Power of Self Discipline
March 12, 2015

I was listening to a podcast a couple of months ago, and the author of The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod, was telling his truly miraculous story of how he literally died for 6 minutes, suffered permanent brain damage, rose up to be one of the top Cutco salesmen in the country, wrote a #7 best-selling book only to have his publisher flee the country with 100% of his royalties, built up a highly successful success-coaching business, became $425,000 in debt after the economy crashed in 2007, and then built his life and finances back up again after hitting his lowest of lows by developing a very intriguing morning routine he called The Miracle Morning.

5 Ways to Create More Time
March 2, 2015

Time doesn’t really exist. It’s something man created so that we can structure, prioritize, and calculate things we do.Man has been using the concept of time to structure activities and create rituals forever, at minimum by observation of the sun, moon, and stars. It used to be something we used as a tool—something we ruled over.Fast forward to today, and now we are the tools…and our time no longer belongs to us, we are slaves to it.What changed? Time hasn’t changed, we’ve just found more things to deplete it with, and most of the things we spend time on add little to no value to our lives.

January 1st Is No Better Than Today
December 1, 2014

As I write this, it’s December 1st.You’ve already begun thinking of your goals or resolutions for next year. January 1st symbolizes a fresh start and a new beginning. A day to leave the past behind and look forward to the future. Next year is the year you will ____.What I really want you to think about is where your mind is at right now. This second.

It's Time to Start Doing
April 21, 2014

For 5 years I’ve been reading articles, watching video interviews, listening to podcasts, you name it, all about entrepreneurship and the benefits of blogging. It took me until 2 years ago to start a business, and until a week and a half ago to start a personal blog. If I could go back in time, I would’ve started “doing” 5 years ago. Here’s why.

Overcoming Life & 3 Ways to Stay Motivated
April 20, 2014

Persistence: Firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.