Work and Education: Stuck in the Past?
October 14, 2019

It’s not that we don’t feel the need for change, it’s that we’ve convinced ourselves that things just are how they are, and can’t change. What most of us fail to realize, is that work and school have been reinvented numerous times before, and they’re way overdue for an upgrade.As professionals of the modern workplace, and students of the modern education system, in order to understand where we are now and where we’re headed, we must first understand where we have been (and where we have been is pretty fascinating).Buckle up–pun intended. You’ll see why that’s a pun in a second.

Why I Don’t Believe in Work-life Balance
January 15, 2018

With a busy schedule and ambitious goals, most people start wondering how to achieve a better work-life balance. Tens of thousands of people google that term every month to get ideas on how to work less and “live” more.I personally never liked the term “work-life balance.” Not because I don’t believe in balancing work with other parts of life, but because it insinuates that what you do for work isn’t part of life. It’s some other weird thing you’re forced to do that is anti-life.But then again, I know that my work situation is different than most people’s.

The Power of Wonder
December 27, 2017

When we don’t allow ourselves to embrace belief in what we can’t yet see or understand, we rob our future of amazing things. We crawl back in our cave because it’s safe in there, and exploring unknown territory could be dangerous.

Today’s My Bday, Let’s Do Something Cool
May 17, 2017

My mother birthed me 28 years ago today, and well, let’s all just say what we’re thinking…God bless Momma Lien!For my birthday, I want to do something that matters to the world, and support something bigger than just me.Since it’s my 28th birthday, I want to see if we can raise $1,028 for the nonprofit, ZERO (Prostate Cancer Awareness).