You HAVE to try this new strategy

You HAVE to try this new strategy

Dustin Lien
October 2, 2018

I likely fall victim to it as much as anyone: The draw of something new. I think we all feel it more often than we even realize, because it usually comes disguised as a good thing, when in reality it might not be.

A distraction, disguised as a new tactic we’re told we HAVE to try.

An incorrect business shift, disguised as a new trend we can capitalize on, but only if we start NOW.

This is often referred to as “shiny object syndrome” and it’s blinding people.

We see people on social media showing off their elaborate lifestyles, and talking about the business models they’ve used to make money, and almost instantly we have a knee-jerk reaction to drop the business we’ve been working on, and start from scratch with this new model.

We watch a YouTube video or read a blog post that swears by a new strategy, and we want to halt all progress to try it because what we’ve been doing hasn’t come to fruition yet.

I’ve done this over and over and over again.

The problem though with chasing after shiny objects, is that every time we start something new, we have to stop something we’ve been doing, and despite what some people claim, businesses aren’t built over night, they’re built with consistency.

Substantial revenue takes time to build. Marketing results take time to compound and become meaningful. If we’re constantly stopping to start something new, we fail to allow what we’ve been doing to fully play out.

Like a worn-in pair of running shoes, time and patience can make things better.

Every shiny thing eventually becomes dull.

Of course, sometimes new tactics, new directions, new pivots actually are better, and that’s why it’s so hard to discern.

I want to share just a few things to ponder when considering whether or not to use time, money, and effort on something new:

  1. Will it get you closer to your overall goal, or will it cause you to veer off the road?
  2. Are you doing it from a place of impatience, or because it’s actually better?
  3. Is this new business idea or strategy actually what you want to do, or are you just chasing money or ego above more important things?

Follow the path to your ultimate goal above all else, and that will help you make business decisions that are best for you.

Sometimes new is better, but usually it’s not.