The Power of Wonder

The Power of Wonder

Dustin Lien
December 27, 2017

Why are we so obnoxiously hell-bent on needing to know all the answers?

I’ve thought about this before, but it wasn’t until I was at a conference a few months ago that I was reminded of how much it stunts our growth.

One of the speakers at the conference, Harris III, mentioned in his talk about wonder, how kids react when they see bubbles.

I work with kids every Sunday at my church, and let me tell you, they love bubbles. I’m not kidding, it’s usually one of three words the little toddlers can say (along with momma and cheerios).

Every week I blow bubbles for toddlers, and Harris is right. Their little faces light up the entire room with wonder, and not once have any of them asked me how I’m creating the bubbles, they just smile and laugh like little crazy people.

They don’t have an ego-driven curiosity nudging them to figure everything out so they don’t feel inferior or stupid. The world is still new to them, and they’re amazed by what they’re seeing, and by the possibilities of what’s out there.

As adults, we often lose that appreciation for wonder and possibility.

When we don’t allow ourselves to embrace belief in what we can’t yet see or understand, we rob our future of amazing things. We crawl back in our cave because it’s safe in there, and exploring unknown territory could be dangerous.

I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t try to plan ahead or strategize, or be curious and advance our understanding, we should.

But it’s ok to not always see before you believe.

When we’re constantly looking down to research and tear things apart to see how and why, and look ahead to predict when or if, we miss the opportunity to just look at what’s in front of us and say, “wow, that’s amazing. I wonder what’s next?”

In order to dream big dreams, we have to embrace belief in ourselves and our purposes without knowing all the answers.

Just because we can’t find the formula or plan out exactly how something will happen in the future, doesn’t mean it’s not real or isn’t possible that it will happen.

Make a promise to yourself that you’ll allow wonder into your life, and the realization that amazing things happen every day, and you don’t need to always be concerned with how or why or when they happen, but you’re allowed to just be in awe of the possibilities you have the privilege to be a part of.

Believe that wonderful things will happen to you, and acknowledge when they do.

Whether you want to start your journey as an entrepreneur, master your self-discipline, or anything else, have belief.

We all know deep down that possibilities are limitless, we just need to have the courage to live that way.