The Traffic Obsession

The Traffic Obsession

Dustin Lien
April 28, 2014

The past two weeks, I’ve been completely consumed by the success of this blog. I’m not sure if it was because of my claim to grow it as fast as possible within 30 days, or if it’s just my own willingness to succeed. Whatever the reason is, I’ve been obsessed with every aspect of the blog to the point of annoying even myself.

I check the traffic using Google Analytics at least once every 30 minutes to see if my latest maneuver caused an eruption of visitors or not. This is a very time-consuming habit. I’m finding it hard to stay focused on tasks or enjoy life’s many pleasures because I keep feeling the need to open my analytics tool. That being said, I did break 1,000+ unique visitors in 12 days of launching the blog, which I’m pretty pleased with. That was initially my 30-day goal. I do need to cool it on the obsessive checking of the numbers though, because that’s not going to affect my success.


The thing about traffic is, unless it’s quality traffic it means very little.

What I need to do is set a reasonable time limit to work on the blog each day to make sure I get things done, but don’t burn out. I think the sweet spot is going to be 2-3 hours per day. What this will do is allow me to stay consistent with posting, tweaking SEO and improving conversion rates without doing too much work every day that I forget to be excited about it the next day. The best time to stop working is when you’re most excited. It’s like a movie that sets itself up for a sequel.

Starting today, a new goal of mine is to avoid the time-wasting task of checking my website traffic every 30 minutes, and focus on creating posts or products that will serve a purpose, and be useful to the visitors I already have.

What are some things you do that are big time wasters, and how can you change that?