The Double Life Of An Entrepreneur

The Double Life Of An Entrepreneur

Dustin Lien
April 24, 2014

Starting a side project or a business can feel like you’re living a double life, especially if you work 40 hours/week for another company like the common entrepreneur does in the early stages. You need to give full attention to your employer, but you have a thousand things running through your head about your own business. Managing your time and efforts are critical to your success.

With my own business becoming more successful and more demanding, I’m finding it difficult to stay focused on it while working a day job. I really want to make sure I’m giving proper attention to my customers, and it’s difficult to do that while working 5 days/wk for another company.

Eventually the goal is to be working on my business full time, and the quickest way to build a business is to make your customers happy.

Statistics show that it costs 4 to 10 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer to NOT spend extra, so it’s crucial to stay engaged with the customers that are paying their hard-earned money for your product.

As my business grows, I’ll start cutting back hours at my day job to 3 or 4 days/week until I can go full time with my company. I have a business partner, so the amount of income we have on a monthly basis will have to be a little higher than someone flying solo to accommodate both of our salary needs. I’ve jumped in head first and full time with a business idea in the past and I quickly ran out of money, so I won’t be repeating that this time around. I’ll build sustainability first, then dive in.

The best methods I’ve found so far to provide attention to my customers are basic time management and scheduling. I’m making it a point to schedule consistent times daily to work on my side business. It’s only two hours/day for now, but that adds up to 10 for the week, which is enough to handle the customers properly while still working my day job. Creating time to devote to it daily helps me to feel like I’m really running it, and not just squeezing it into my weekends like an afterthought. It’s important to appear as professional and legitimate as possible to customers at all times. The money customers give you is very real, so your efforts should be very real.