Think // Feel // Work Better #8

Think // Feel // Work Better #8

Dustin Lien
June 25, 2021

Think Better

Actions begin as thoughts, so think big and think often.

Feel Better

Are you tired or dehydrated? When you wake up in the morning and feel exhausted, don't grab that coffee (yet). Your body loses over a pound of fluids overnight, including electrolytes, causing a feeling of physical exhaustion due to dehydration.

First thing when you wake up, make yourself rehydrate:

• 16oz of room temperature water (room temp helps dissolve the salt)

• 3g of sea salt (the minerals = electrolytes which enable cell hydration)

• Lemon juice for taste

Then reach for the coffee ;)

Work Better

If time is a currency, saying yes to something you should say no to is the most expensive mistake you can make.