Think // Feel // Work Better #7

Think // Feel // Work Better #7

Dustin Lien
June 18, 2021

Think Better

I'm just finishing up a great book called "Winning the War in Your Mind"

Check it out here

Feel Better

I have horrible allergies in the spring and summer from pollen. Now that I moved to Austin, it's worse than it was in LA.

I'm talking like, double dosing allergy pills, and still not able to sleep at night because my eyes are on fire and I can't stop sneezing.

So, I searched around the magical land of the internet and found an air purifier for my bedroom. It got great reviews, and it was in the price range I was hoping to keep it within (they can get crazy expensive).

I've slept like a baby every night since! My brother bough one as well, and also has had great results.

Note: The exact one I have has an auto feature, but it's not available for purchase for some reason at the moment. But, this is the same thing without auto, which is a little unnecessary anyway.

Check it out here

Work Better

Dropping tasks? Having a hard time remembering things you need to do?


  1. Put all recurring tasks in your calendar
  2. When you think of a new thing you need to do, immediately put it in a todo list app (I use Todoist) - assign a deadline if needed
  3. Each morning, review your todo list app and block off time in your calendar for what needs to get done today.

Live by this system, and you'll never have to worry about dropping a task or a deadline again :)

This works for email too.

  1. Open an email but don't have time to take action on it right now? Create a task in your todo list app to respond to that email or take an action.
  2. Archive that email to declutter your inbox, knowing you have the task written down somewhere else.