Think // Feel // Work Better #6

Think // Feel // Work Better #6

Dustin Lien
June 11, 2021

Think Better

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I love it, and it hates me.

Instagram and Twitter are the two I use most—recently I've been on Twitter a lot, and it often causes more harm than good. But still some good.

Pros of Twitter:

  1. I learn so much, so quickly about things I'm currently interested in. Nowhere else on the internet has so many smart people sharing valuable information for free.
  2. That's pretty much it for me personally :)

Cons of Twitter:

  1. Media headlines in the News tab are often divisive and only half true, causing misinformation, divisive non-constructive public arguing between users (people), and ultimately anxiety for me.
  2. After I finish reading the posts from the people I follow, I often waste time browsing through other features of the app instead of getting back to work.
  3. It's addicting.

This week, I decided to create a Twitter feed for myself where I can see posts from people I choose, without any of the other distracting options the app or the website provide (like News, For you, Trending, etc.).

Now I can learn from people without the added anxiety that the app features bring into my brain.

Check out my Feed here

Let me know if you think I should write a full "how-to" article on how anyone can set up a feed like mine to curb Twitter anxiety while still being able to use it.

Feel Better

If you take supplements of any kind for any reason, it's important to understand bioavailability—your body's ability to actually absorb and use a supplement.

Basically, you could be buying and using supplements that aren't doing anything (or significantly less than they could be).

There are several factors to consider:

• Timing

• Quality

• Which supplements you take at the same time vs. different times

• Which supplements you take with or without food

I read a helpful article on this that you might find useful:

Read: What is Bioavailability? How to Get the Most From Your Supplements

Work Better

Complexity kills focus. Simplicity creates focus.

Complexity often results in overwhelm, dropped tasks, broken systems, and forgetting what worked in the first place.

Simplicity often results in productivity, finished projects, margin, and room for creativity.

Simplify, focus, and cut off the dead leaves every chance you get.