Think // Feel // Work Better #5

Think // Feel // Work Better #5

Dustin Lien
June 3, 2021

Think Better

I recently went about 2 months without a smart phone in an attempt to cleanse my brain and routine of habitual social media reliance for the purpose of dopamine hits.

It was challenging, but overall a really good experience. The phone I switched to during this period is called The Light Phone.

Feel Better

Have you been to a chiropractor lately? If you can find a good one, it can be a game changer—especially if you're dealing with chronic neck or back discomfort.

I've been going to a chiropractor for a few months now, and I have noticed improvements in my posture, relief from neck and shoulder pain, and better athletic performance particularly from hip alignment.

My only complaint is that I'm now fully aware of how my body is supposed to feel when my spine is aligned, so when it's not, I can tell. Before when my body was in a little pain all the time, I hardly noticed. Kind of a red pill vs blue pill scenario.

Work Better

Make one decision that positively affects multiple things.

We can’t be perfectly disciplined with everything all the time—it’s not gonna happen. What I prefer is to find habits and routines where I can make one decision that affects multiple other decisions, making them easier to stick to.

Go to bed early = wake up early and have quiet time = have more energy = get more done.

One good decision leads to multiple others.

Here's a 2 minute clip on IG explaining in a little more detail: