Think // Feel // Work Better #3

Think // Feel // Work Better #3

Dustin Lien
February 25, 2020

Think Better

I've been revisiting a great book on leadership over the past week, and it's a really solid read for leaders of all types and levels: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell

Leadership is a skill, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Do some people have more of a natural talent for it? I believe so, but I'm definitely not one of those people. Leadership can be learned, practiced, and become second nature if we put in the effort.

Feel Better

Today, I started a new round of Committed30. It's a 30-day discipline builder with 5 daily disciplines to follow. Last time I did it, I got in really good shape, felt more energized, and got 4 new marketing certifications!

I'll be posting on Instagram sharing my journey through it over the next 30 days.

Here are the basic rules if you want to do it along with me:

Discipline #1: No alcohol

  • Detox your body and brain so you can think clearly and feel physically prepared for each day.

Discipline #2: No junk food

  • Feed your body and brain with quality foods, and witness your energy increase dramatically. Whatever that looks like for you.

Discipline #3: Daily physical activity

  • Your body was made to move. Lift weights, do yoga, play a sport, go for a walk...whatever you want. Just do something daily (even if it's 10 minutes).

Discipline #4: 30 mins/day of learning or practicing something

  • Read a book, take an online course, practice guitar—your choice. Take 30 mins/day to grow at something. Consistency wins.

Discipline #5: Cold showers

  • Make at least 60 seconds of your shower ALL THE WAY cold. This helps you develop the discipline of doing something each day that's difficult. It also has great biological benefits.

Good luck!

Work Better

I had the opportunity to chat with TJ Ferrara for the podcast! He's a co-founder of Bubs Naturals, a supplement company selling collagen protein and MCT oil powder. He's also been a marketer for 20 years, so you better believe I dug deep into marketing strategy with him.

Subscribe to the podcast if you aren't already, and give this episode a listen when it drops on Thursday.