Think // Feel // Work Better #2

Think // Feel // Work Better #2

Dustin Lien
February 18, 2020

Hope you had a great Presidents' Day yesterday. I went snowboarding for the first time ever. It's amazing how far a person can scoot down a mountain on their butt if they have great form :)

Alright, let's get into it!

Think//Feel//Work Better is a weekly newsletter highlighting things or ideas that I've been experimenting with to perform better.

Think Better

I went to a meetup on Saturday hosted by Sean McCabe, and had some really good conversations. Historically, I haven't gone to many meetups, but this was a good reminder for me that they can be a ton of fun. Sean has a really great podcast and business courses that I recommend for small business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs. I've listened to 100+ of his episodes, and I've gone through a few of his courses.

Sean is currently on a 1 year sabbatical from work...

You read that right. He and his wife Laci moved out of their house a few weeks ago, put furniture and other belongings in storage, and packed up a backpack each of essentials. They're traveling around staying with friends and using Airbnb as he documents his time away from running his business.

He's been doing week-long sabbaticals every 7th week for a long time now (he even pays for his employees to take every 7th week off too!). Learn more about his sabbatical process and follow along at

Feel Better

Have you tried a Theragun? You know, those handheld machines that beat the crap out of you 40 times per second...

Jacqui and I got one on Black Friday this year, and it has been life changing for us. The Theragun is basically a personal massager with different speeds and attachments (depending on the version you have), and it helps to relieve muscle soreness from exercise and everyday life things like sitting at a computer desk for 8-10 hours/day. It also can warm up your muscles before you workout which has been really useful.

Be warned: It's addicting, so if you see one at the mall and don't intend to buy it, DON'T "try it out".

Work Better

Sometimes the best way to improve the way we work, is by asking the right questions. Here are 3 to try:

  1. How can you do less to get more done?
  2. What's a task you do every week that doesn't actually move the needle toward your goals, but you feel like you're "supposed" to do it?
  3. How can you "wow" a customer or a co-worker this week?