You are the Silversmith, and the Silver is You

You are the Silversmith, and the Silver is You

Dustin Lien
September 5, 2017

Wayback when, a silversmith would have to go through an extremely intricate and sensitive process for purifying silver. Particularly when making jewelry for a wealthy customer, quality was of the utmost importance.

We have all kinds of tools and technology now that make the process much easier and predictable, but back then it took immense concentration and true dedication to master this.

Part of the refining process was heating up the metal in a large furnace to melt the silver pieces so you could then mould it to the shape you wanted.

During the melting process, small surface elements would arise that were not silver, and the silversmith would use a tool to try and remove those elements without accidentally losing some of the silver.

The way a silversmith knew the silver was properly refined and perfected, was once he could see his own reflection in the melted silver.

Just as silver is refined with fire, so are we refined through our struggles.

Just as a silversmith’s skills were mastered through apprenticeship and repetition, so are our business skills and passions mastered in the same way.

Mastering your skills and refining your craft takes time.

It’s a repetitive process that involves mass amounts of time spent in deep learning, trial and error, and studying those who have achieved the mastery we seek.

Let’s not be hurried or operate from a place of anxious impatience.

Let’s not expect great returns from a place of entitlement before we’ve put in the work.

Instead, let’s patiently develop persistence, discipline, and grit, while knowing that long-term rewards come from sacrificing short-term pleasure.

Be willing to look at yourself and your skills with a silversmith’s attention to detail, removing as much of the imperfections as possible.

Melt yourself down so you can be moulded into the person you want to become.

You are the silversmith, and the silver is you.