13 Reasons to Blog Regularly and Write Daily

13 Reasons to Blog Regularly and Write Daily

Dustin Lien
May 22, 2015

Frequent writing has been praised scientifically and by raw word of mouth by entrepreneurs and great thinkers for generations. In the time we currently live in, we’re blessed with technology that not only allows us to easily write and document what we write, but also to share it with the world.

If you don’t currently blog or write in another form regularly (or at all), or you just need a reminder to stick with it, here are 13 reasons:

1. Improve Writing Skills

Nothing causes improvement like deliberate and frequent practice. Like anything else, the more you do it, the more natural it becomes. You’ll find your voice and learn to project it, you’ll discover a cadence and a rhythm to your sentences, and you’ll get better and better at organizing your thoughts and communicating them to an audience.

2. Increase Creativity

There have been studies that show that people who write regularly are able to activate a deeper part of the brain than people who don’t write regularly. I’m not going to bust out all the facts and sources for this post, but there’s a good section on this in my upcoming book, Blogging for Authority.

3. Separate Yourself

In a world full of competition and a longing to be heard, blogging allows a platform for you to do what 99% of the world is too afraid or too lazy to do—write and be heard. Be above average.

4. Conquer Fear of Rejection

We all have a level of fear when it comes to speaking our minds and making statements. We get scared that people might not like what we have to say, might reject us for our opinions, or catch us in an inaccuracy. Blogging teaches you that no matter how fearful we are of that outcome, it’s never as bad as we think. Sure, people will disagree with you or straight up not like you, but for every 5 people who don’t like you, there’s always 5 that do, and they matter more.

5. Practice Having Opinions

For most people, it’s natural to be agreeable and not speak up about opinions, but it’s important to speak up. People respect you more, and you get your way more often because everyone else is too scared to have an opinion. Blogging forces you to say what you think, with no reservation, because it’s your platform to own your opinions.

6. Make Connections

I’ve made more professional connections from blogging the past 15 months than I ever have doing anything. You meet people by talking about them or their work in your articles, by interviewing them, by them discovering you and talking to you about your content. It’s really amazing.

7. Create/Join Community

Whatever you blog about will have a community around it. Whether it’s business or bass fishing, there will be discussions happening, and it’s really fun being a part of a community and contributing instead of just consuming.

8. Improve Information Retention

It’s proven that we retain information better when we write it down and talk about it. You’ll be a smarter version of yourself if you write more.

9. Learn About Yourself

Blogging is great for learning your habits, your deep desires, and your themes and ideas that you’ll inevitably keep going back to in your writing. When you become consistent with writing, you’ll start to have the best conversations with yourself. Doing something consistently will also train you to be more disciplined in all areas of life.


Hands down, the BEST part of blogging regularly is hearing from readers the ways you’ve helped them. It’s so rewarding when an article you wrote has a direct impact on someone’s career, life, or both. Someone taught you the things you know, and blogging is your chance to pay it forward.

11. Build Assets

When you blog, you start to build assets like an email list, social media following, loads of content, images, website traffic, a regular audience—all things you can use for numbers 12 and 13…

12. Establish Credibility and Authority

Writing to an audience on a regular basis establishes credibility and trust for you around your topic in the eyes of your readers and peers, which will lead you to number 13.

13. Make More Money

Building up an authority around a topic or field gives you the opportunity to make more money by selling products or services, speaking at events, increase freelancing rates, and lots of other things.

Blogging opens doors for you that you can’t even see right now. It will change your life for better and always.

Open up a document, and just start writing.