Strength, Courage, & Rest in Joshua Tree

Strength, Courage, & Rest in Joshua Tree

Dustin Lien
September 24, 2018

“Be strong, be courageous, and you will find rest.” That was a theme we were pondering. My wife and I met up with two of our closest friends for a couple of nights out in the desert and a hike in Joshua Tree National Park this past weekend.

On the last night, with a pit fire at full blaze, we shared some of our thoughts after experiencing some silence and (semi)solitude, and I want to share them with you too.

Note: the theme for the weekend came about after doing some innocent research about the history of Joshua Tree and the area. Finding rest through strength and courage was a common theme when reading about the natives and their legends and stories from 3–4,000 years ago, and with the Biblical ties of the naming of the Joshua Tree.

Here are some of our collective thoughts:

  1. We often try to find rest by avoiding things we don’t want to do that are going to be difficult, when the truth is, we only find true rest once we’ve risen on the other side of those difficulties. Rest isn’t found through avoidance, but rather through acts of strength and courage.
  2. Strength and courage are easiest to discover when we are in moments of stability, not imbalance. Do you constantly stand on weak foundation? Are you easily “toppled over”? Or do you have convictions that are stable and sound?
  3. So many days in our lives we are met with challenges that are unsettling and uncomfortable, and they cause us to feel restless and hopeless. We wish we could just find rest, and that things would get better. What we sometimes forget is that rest is usually available to us, but it’s only through courage and strength to push through the hard things that we find it.
  4. To find lasting rest, walk toward your fears, not away from them.

What’s something you might need to be stronger and more courageous with in order to find rest?

Here are a few pictures from the trip just for fun:

My hot wife Jacqui and me
Standing quite elevated on a giant rock in the middle of nowhere
My buddy Noah and me. He’s so tall.
The crew (Me, Noah, Victoria, Jacqui)
I jumped off the rock…

That’s all folks!