Intentionally Progressing as an Entrepreneur

Intentionally Progressing as an Entrepreneur

Dustin Lien
August 23, 2020

Do you ever pause, take a step back, and evaluate where you’re at in life? And just as importantly, do you ever evaluate how you got where you currently are?

What I’ve found, is that if we don’t frequently take inventory on our business progress, it’s certain that we’ll end up lower on the progress ladder than we’d like to be, or worse, climbing up the completely wrong one.

It's easy to get swept up into the monotony and minutiae of everyday life, simply going through the motions without intentionality, but in order to move forward and become the person you need to be to build a purpose-driven business, you have to become intentional about doing so.

We don’t progress as entrepreneurs unless we plan for progress. No more blindly reacting day after day. It's time to plan ahead and act accordingly.

Here is a series of questions you can ask yourself when reflecting on your progress, and planning for the future:

  • Where am I at now with [Insert here whatever you’re trying to achieve or improve]
  • Where do I want to be with it?
  • What have I maybe been avoiding taking action on that has been blocking progress?
  • What skills do I need to learn or develop further?
  • How does my mindset need to change or improve?
  • What relationship connections might I need to make or build upon?
  • Who do I know that has already achieved this, and what can I learn from them?

Asking yourself these questions is a form of self-accountability. Revisit them as often as you need to, especially when you’re feeling stuck or stale.

Schedule out time to work ON your business, not just IN it.