How to seize the opportunity of a lifetime

How to seize the opportunity of a lifetime

Dustin Lien
July 27, 2017

“The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity.” –Leonard Ravenhill

I’ve talked before about how to get lucky, but this is a complementary point worth adding to the conversation.

These things are so commonly said (or thought internally):

• “I never get lucky like he/she did! It’s not fair.”

• “I know I have the potential if someone would just give me a chance…”

• “Nothing good ever happens to me!”

Look, realize that you are owed nothing in life. I am owed nothing in life. Nobody owes anyone anything.

This quote is another way of saying, “lucky” things happen to people who are prepared, and who have obtained the skills and experience needed to capture opportunities before they’re gone.

Opportunities will come and go in life whether or not we can seize them. We must spend time in learning, preparation, and practice so that when opportunities we’ve been reaching for are finally possibilities, we stand a fighting chance.

Is luck a real thing?


But I’d rather not rely on luck alone. Would you?