Growing Ecommerce Marketer from the Ground Up

Growing Ecommerce Marketer from the Ground Up

Dustin Lien
January 11, 2021

If you've had a chance to read my 2020 Year in Review & 2021 Focus post, you already know this, but just in case you didn't, one of my main focal points this year is growing my new side business (as of September): Ecommerce Marketer

I'm very much building this business with spare time while still running JumpX Marketing, so there's a familiar feeling of time and money constraint that I experienced when I started JumpX five years ago while working full time.

Because of those constraints, my focus needs to be dialed in for this to succeed.

Two things I've learned about myself:

  1. I enjoy learning in public, sharing as I go
  2. My focus is better when I'm accountable to someone or something

With those two things in mind, I've decided to openly share things I'm learning with you as I work on growing EM this year.

And not just the wins...

I want to share wins and strategies that work, yes, but there's also too much that's learned from failures and strategies that don't work to not share those too.

I'm calling this series: From the Ground Up

Welcome to the first update :)

In order to set the stage and provide context, you should know some basic numbers of where things are at, so let's start there.

Current Ecommerce Marketer Numbers and Facts

Start Date:

  • September 2020

Completed Projects (not necessarily in order):

  • Built website / basic branding
  • Developed and launched EM Accelerator
  • Developed and launched EM Vault
  • Launched blog and email newsletter
  • Wrote guest post for
  • Partnered with MailMunch for a joint webinar

Current Cost Breakdown:

  • Domain name: $2,700 [split into 12 monthly payments]
  • Webflow (used to host and build website): $20/mo
  • Website template: $79
  • Help Scout (customer service app for EM Accelerator): $27
  • Keap (software to manage leads and payments for EM Accelerator): $150/mo
  • ConvertKit (email marketing software): $29/mo
  • Logo design from Fiverr: $77

Revenue Generated:

  • $3,000
  • Side note: I don't like investing unnecessary personal money into new businesses. It's much better to make some money, and then invest that back into the business. That said, this first $3k has been going right back in.

Current Email List Stats:

  • 218 subscribers
  • 38.93% avg. open rate
  • 6.79% avg. click rate

Do me a favor: If anything jumped out at you that you're curious about why I decided a certain way, or the steps I took to do something, please leave a comment and let me know what you're wondering!