Do to Learn vs Learn to Do

Do to Learn vs Learn to Do

Dustin Lien
October 18, 2021

What comes first, the learning or the doing?

It's a valid question with a bit of a "grey" answer.

A typical approach to accomplishing something like increasing revenue or other numbers with marketing, looks something like this:

--> Learn it

--> Do it

--> Analyze and improve it

--> Do it again

--> Repeat

What interests me is the amount of time spent in each stage, particularly when trying to learn something new as quickly as possible.

How do you know when it's time to move from one step to the next?

A lot of marketers and entrepreneurs, believe it or not, get stuck in the "Learn it" stage, and never (literally never) move on to the "Do it" phase.

The desire to perfect a tactic or strategy and think of every little possible best practice is the trap of all traps.

Thinking that there's actually a best way to do marketing, and that if we just research enough, we'll find it, is a recipe to never actually doing anything.

The truth about marketing:

Most breakthroughs happen in the "Do it" phase, not the "Learn it" phase.

The perfect strategy doesn't exist. Spend enough time researching and planning to come up with something, and then just start doing it.

Speed of learning depends on speed of doing.

Do to learn.