Today’s My Bday, Let’s Do Something Cool

Today’s My Bday, Let’s Do Something Cool

Dustin Lien
May 17, 2017

My mother birthed me 28 years ago today, and well, let’s all just say what we’re thinking…

God bless Momma Lien!

For my birthday, I want to do something that matters to the world, and support something bigger than just me.

Since it’s my 28th birthday, I want to see if we can raise $1,028 for the nonprofit, ZERO (Prostate Cancer Awareness).

Everyone who donates today will get my ebook, Blogging for Authority, for free as a thanks, and also will be entered to win a physical copy of Daniel DiPiazza’s new book, Rich20Something: Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business, and Score the Life You Want​.

After you make a donation, take a screenshot of your receipt and email it to me at dustin (at) (please don’t include the amount you donated, I don’t need to know that) like this:

donation receipt

Prostate cancer hits close to home for me and my family, and for MOST families. 1 out of every 7 men will get prostate cancer during his lifetime.

All men are at risk of prostate cancer. Finding the disease early means the best chance of curing it.

When found early, more than 99 percent of men will be alive five years later.

Awareness is key, and that’s what ZERO is all about.

As a favor on my 28th birthday, let’s raise some money today for ZERO and help continue their great work for this cause.

Click here to make a donation

Anything counts.

Love you all,