After 30 Days Of Blogging

After 30 Days Of Blogging

Dustin Lien
May 3, 2014

After 30 days of blogging here, I exceeded some goals and completely missed others. The important thing is that I started, and now I have data to assess what went well and what did not. I want to actively assess what causes me to miss my goals and why I achieve the ones I do.

The only way to improve is to start doing.

Goals I Achieved

Traffic Goal: 1,000+ Visits.
Results: 2,123 Visits.
Thoughts: I’m pleased with that number. I originally thought that my main source of traffic would come from Facebook and Twitter, but I was wrong. Reddit crushed it. Over 50% of my traffic came from Reddit alone. I carefully chose a couple of subreddits to be active in, and it paid off. Reddit is basically a forum, so it’s important to not just paste your link everywhere. You have to be active in commenting on other people’s posts and really try to provide value to the community rather than spamming your links.

Social Referrals

Writing Goal: Write at least 8 blog posts.
Results: I wrote 8, right on the money.
Thoughts: I had my share of difficulties hitting 2 per week, but I learned methods to stay motivated.

Goals I Missed

Email List Growth Goal: Get 100 more email sign ups for my personal list.
Results: 40.
Thoughts: I’m a little bummed by that, though I have a very good idea of what went wrong there. I got some from posting on Facebook to start, then I installed a plugin by Appsumo called ListBuilder that got me 15 of the 40. It’s a highly-customizable popup that links right up with most email service providers (Mailchimp is what I use). I think it would have gotten me a lot more had I offered a better incentive to sign up rather than just my knowledge for the majority of the time. Once I switched to offering a free product, I got a lot more sign ups. Also switching from a blue button to a red button seemed to increase my sign ups, though I don’t have enough data collected to prove that.

email marketing image

I also used a strong home page subscription call to action and a relevant giveaway in the sidebar which both got me a decent amounts of subscriptions.

email marketing example

What I learned

1. Conversion Rate Optimization is important.
2. Quality traffic is important.
3. Offer a good incentive for email addresses.
4. Ads aren’t always a great idea or even necessary.
5. Setting goals and actionable steps to reach them is the best way to stay hungry.
6. Consistency is important.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much traffic you get if that traffic is not targeted and doesn’t convert well. Having 100 quality visitors with a 50% conversion rate is way more valuable than 1000 visitors with a 2% conversion rate. Traffic means nothing without conversions.

My goals for the next 5 months are to finish writing an ebook, focus on driving quality traffic, and continue to learn new skills to step further out of my comfort zone.

Thanks to everyone who has been following along the past 30 days. I hope to see you continuing to participate and push yourself to start something great.