Start a Side Business from Scratch in 7 Days...

This academy is 100% Free, with no experience needed, and no requirements (EXCEPT for one)

Here's how it works.

Once you sign up for the Side Business Academy, you're going to have access to everything you need to know to start and launch your side business in 7 days, for free—but that leads us to a common problem...

There's a saying that goes, "what people pay a lot for, they pay attention to."

Makes sense. Think about your car, your schooling, your laptop...chances are you pay attention to them.

I bring this up because this academy is free, and typically what happens when people get something for free is they assign $0 of value to it (since that's what they invested), so they toss it to the side and figure they can just come back to it later.

That's a mistake.

Similar academies and courses sell for $1,000+ elsewhere, and I could do that too, but I'm not.

Why? Because I want this available for anyone who's willing to put in the work, regardless of his/her financial situation.

While the academy is set up in a way that doesn't require you to have any particular skills, financial resources, or experience, there is ONE requirement you must be willing to do if you sign up...

The one requirement: COMMIT.

If you commit to putting your all into this, soaking up every lesson, and treating it like an investment in your future, you'll have a fighting chance.

This is not for dabblers (sorry, not sorry). It's only 7 days...

Here's what you'll learn over the next week:

• Designing your business to fit YOUR lifestyle & goals

• How to validate what people will pay you for

3 big mistakes most new entrepreneurs make (and what to do instead)

Pricing strategies for your product/service

• How to get your first customer (with actual sales emails and text templates)

Goal setting for success

• Tons of tools, resources, and bonus material in the Accelerator Vault

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