The 5-hour Work Day with Lifestyle Business Designer, Selina Pagan

The 5-hour Work Day with Lifestyle Business Designer, Selina Pagan

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Doesn’t it sound nice to work a maximum of 25 hours/week? Or, what about adding more time and fun to your schedule without sacrificing revenue?

My friend Selina has it figured out :)

What do you do when you want to start a service business, you know you have a marketable skill, but you have no idea how to start? Or, what do you do when you have a healthy 6-figure business, but you feel like everything is chaotic with little to no structure, and you have almost no time for yourself because you feel like if you stop at any moment, your business will collapse?

If either of those are questions you find yourself wanting answers to, listen to this episode.

Selina is a lifestyle business designer who consults successful entrepreneurs on how to scale their business, build outsourced teams, and free up their time so they can have it all—high profits and life quality.

She’s wildly entertaining to talk to and has a fun-loving and wickedly smart personality, and in this episode, she brings the heat.

Topics Discussed

  • How Selina started her business with just one email (bonus: she reads us the exact email)
  • The generosity in sharing what you know with the world
  • Getting past the fear of sharing your knowledge
  • How to not become a robot
  • Getting your identity from the right sources to feel empowered
  • Playing small versus humility
  • The cyclical nature of life and business
  • The stages of business growth
  • Using the pomodoro technique for more focused work
  • How Selina works only 25 hours/wk
  • Self discovery and finding purpose
  • Learning to turn bad situations into good outcomes

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