EP 16: Be More Productive by Understanding Distractions & Lazy Triggers

Be More Productive by Understanding Distractions & Lazy Triggers

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Productivity isn’t about what most people think it is.

It’s not about working more or just working faster so you can cram more tasks into your day. We don’t become more productive by being busier simply for the sake of “doing more.”

Productivity is about efficiency. Increasing productive output.

Ironically, what’s natural for most of us to do when we’re trying to become more productive, is adding more processes, more checkboxes, more tasks with no gaps in our unrealistically optimized schedules.

In reality, increasing productive output starts with decreasing non-productive output, becoming more focused, and eliminating distractions.

That’s what we’re talking about in this episode: Becoming more productive by understanding common distractions so we can start the process of elimination, and being aware of our lazy triggers—the things in our lives that typically cause us to work slowly or not at all when we need to be.


Topics Discussed


  • Eliminating distractions vs. overpowering them
  • Optimizing schedule based on energy
  • Emails, text, calls
  • Prioritizing your work over other people’s requests
  • Work environment
  • How to stop checking your phone while you work