EP 17: The Power of Mentors, Like-minded Peers, & Difficult Situations

The Power of Mentors, Like-minded Peers, & Difficult Situations

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In this special edition of the podcast, I interviewed four entrepreneurs that are members of Daniel DiPiazza’s Alpha Mentorship Program, but there’s a twist…

Rather than just having stand-alone conversations with them individually, I instead asked each of them the same set of questions which made for an interesting episode of unique opinions and different outlooks on topics like mentorship, peers, relationships, and more.

This is a killer episode with knowledge bombs from some up-and-coming entrepreneurs that are making moves in the industry.

Topics Discussed

  • How each guest got started with their entrepreneurial journey
  • The importance of mentorship and why it’s helpful
  • Finding like-minded peers to keep you moving forward
  • Stories that shaped each guest’s current state of being
  • Parting thoughts and wisdom for new entrepreneurs


Episode Mentions & Resources

Michael Leonard: Motivational Entrepreneur

Morgan Simone: Dancer, Bodybuilding Bikini athlete, Health and wellness blogger

Nick Ercolano: Marketer and Fantasy Football YouTube

Dane Schwaebe: Social Media Marketer