The Unleashed Life #22: Hayden Fulstone, Co-founder of Liquid I.V.

Starting and Growing a Consumer Beverage Company & Defeating Global Dehydration with Hayden Fulstone

hayden fulstone
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Today’s guest is Hayden Fulstone, a co-founder of the massively popular brand, Liquid I.V. It’s a┬áconsumer beverage company with their hydration multiplier being sold now in over 20,000 stores. I’m excited about this episode because it’s really the first one that dives deep into a lot of the processes involved in launching a physical product startup. We talk about getting investors, testing the product, going from idea to creation, and some marketing and sales tactics. We also talk about Liquid I.V.’s giveback mission and how they’ve baked that into their company from the start and are on track to donate over 300,000 servings of their hydration multiplier worldwide this year.

Plus, Hayden’s a cool dude, and super smart.

Topics Discussed

  • How to start a physical product company
  • Iterating on versions of your product
  • Creating a consumer beverage
  • Using and expanding your network to get startup funding
  • Balancing humility and confidence
  • Getting over fear of asking for investments
  • Marketing and sales tactics for scaling
  • Liquid IV’s Giveback Mission, and how they’re helping combat dehydration

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