Emma Vo—Capturing Beauty & Building A Business You’re Passionate About

Capturing Beauty & Building A Business You’re Passionate About, with Photographer Emma Vo

Emma Vo podcast
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If you have a creative passion, if you’re a photographer or videographer, or if you’re interested in building a career out of your creative pursuit, you’re going to enjoy this interview, and learn a lot.

Today’s guest is photographer/videographer Emma Vo, a.k.a. “3muh”. I met Emma through some mutual friends and mutual clients we worked with, and I swear over the last 12 months, every time I open Instagram I see her name tagged as the photographer for a fitness model or influencer, or I see someone praising her work. It’s relentless.

I wanted to interview her to learn how she got started as a successful creative in LA, and how she’s effectively networked and expanded her client base so rapidly, so, we did the most “LA” thing we could do—we hiked the famous Runyon Canyon, sat down in my apartment living room with some probiotic water and my two purse-sized chihuahuas on our laps, and we had a conversation.


Some of the topics discussed

• How Emma got started with photography and videography

• Her journey of moving to Los Angeles and working up from the bottom

• The process of getting clients and opportunities

• Doing work you’re not crazy about in order to eventually be able to do work you are passionate about

• Discovering what you love to do and what you don’t

• Word of mouth marketing, referrals, and doing a great job with client work


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  1. Jonathan

    Fun interview with solid nuggets of information! Definitely cannot underestimate investing the time and effort upfront to reach a better place down the road

    • Dustin Lien

      Absolutely! Have to plant and water those seeds before we can harvest