The Unleashed Life #23: Small Things to Do For Big Results—Brian DeCosta

Small Things to Do For Big Results, With Brian DeCosta

Brian DeCosta podcast
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Humans complicate things.

We just do. Whether we’re trying to grow a business, improve our health, or be more productive at work, we default into trying to find complex details we think we must be missing, when in reality we usually are just neglecting the small things we know we need to get better at.

Queue Brian DeCosta.

Brian is a former corporate accountant turned online fitness coach, and he helps busy people get in great shape and great health. What’s unique about this interview is that not only is Brian in amazing shape (seriously go look him up on instagram, it’s crazy), but he’s also a successful entrepreneur, so we got to cover topics about health and fitness and also about growing an online business from scratch. His philosophy about both of those things is to keep it simple.

Topics Discussed:

• Daily productivity – Getting ahead of the day by starting your day off the right way mentally and physically

• Easy tips to keep high energy throughout the day

• The 20% of things to do to get your health and fitness 80% of the way there

• Are you focusing on the important things in your business, or just feeding your ego?

• “Results show up over time.”

• Offering services with integrity vs. selling to people you know you can’t really serve well

• Using social media to get more clients for your business

• Speaking to your target audience vs. trying to appeal to everyone

Mentions and Resources:

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