TUL Podcast #25: Aaron Watters, Starting & Scaling a Digital Agency

Starting & Scaling a Digital Marketing Agency Using Self Awareness & Company Culture, with Aaron Watters

aaron watters podcast
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Have you ever wanted to start a digital marketing agency? It’s an alluring goal that a lot of people strive for, and today’s guest breaks down how he started and grew his agency organically, with next to no advertising, and leaning heavily on great results and company culture.

This episode’s guest is my good friend, and CEO of Leadhub, Aaron Watters. We talk about all the behind the scenes of running an agency, including establishing company culture, cultivating self awareness, and scaling.

Some of the topics discussed

  • How I became Aaron’s first intern
  • Balancing out a team by knowing your own limits (and how to discover those)
  • Using Culture Index to learn your strengths and make smart hires (here are my results)
  • Building a company synergistically rather than hiring people just like you
  • How Lead Hub started and grew to 17 people
  • Reinvesting in yourself as an entrepreneur, and what percentage to invest
  • Looking at your business through a calculated lens to shape your decisions
  • Creating and managing company culture
  • Scaling an agency
  • Conservative, organic growth
  • Using self awareness to scale an agency

References & Mentions

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@leadhub on twitter and instagram