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Brian DeCosta podcast
Posted on October 12, 2018

Small Things to Do For Big Results, With Brian DeCosta

Humans complicate things. We just do. Whether we’re trying to grow a business, improve our health, or be more productive at work, we default into trying to find complex details we think we must be missing, when in reality we usually are just neglecting the small things we know we need to get better at. […]

hayden fulstone
Posted on September 7, 2018

Starting and Growing a Consumer Beverage Company & Defeating Global Dehydration with Hayden Fulstone

Today’s guest is Hayden Fulstone, a co-founder of the massively popular brand, Liquid I.V. It’s a consumer beverage company with their hydration multiplier being sold now in over 20,000 stores. I’m excited about this episode because it’s really the first one that dives deep into a lot of the processes involved in launching a physical product […]

Posted on August 17, 2018

The 5-hour Work Day with Lifestyle Business Designer, Selina Pagan

Doesn’t it sound nice to work a maximum of 25 hours/week? Or, what about adding more time and fun to your schedule without sacrificing revenue? My friend Selina has it figured out :) What do you do when you want to start a service business, you know you have a marketable skill, but you have […]

Posted on August 8, 2018

How to Surround Yourself With the Right People

  I just finished moving from the west side of LA to Hollywood, which for context, is only about a 20 minute drive away, but the culture is pretty different. One of the biggest changes for me, is the people I used to see on a weekly basis, I’m not going to be seeing some […]

brian kight
Posted on July 16, 2018

The Simple Formula for Controlling Your Responses to Every Day Situations For Better Outcomes, With Brian Kight

Something I’ve had a growing awareness about lately is my, and everyone’s, inability to control things in business and life, and the inevitability that things will go wrong more often than I’d like them to. That’s not to say we can’t influence our lives, but control is limited. I kept seeing this formula floating around […]

noah banks
Posted on July 9, 2018

Noah Banks—Balancing a Job, a Side Business, & Staying In Excellent Shape

  Have you ever met a superhero in real life? Allow me to introduce you to Noah Banks, the Millennial Health Coach, and a modern-day superhero. Not only is he in phenomenal shape, he also coaches others on how to take control of their health and their minds, all while working a full-time job. Oh, […]

unleashed life 17
Posted on July 3, 2018

The Power of Mentors, Like-minded Peers, & Difficult Situations

  In this special edition of the podcast, I interviewed four entrepreneurs that are members of Daniel DiPiazza’s Alpha Mentorship Program, but there’s a twist… Rather than just having stand-alone conversations with them individually, I instead asked each of them the same set of questions which made for an interesting episode of unique opinions and […]

Posted on June 4, 2018

Be More Productive by Understanding Distractions & Lazy Triggers

Productivity isn’t about what most people think it is. It’s not about working more or just working faster so you can cram more tasks into your day. We don’t become more productive by being busier simply for the sake of “doing more.” Productivity is about efficiency. Increasing productive output. Ironically, what’s natural for most of […]

Posted on May 23, 2018

Creating Value Out of Thin Air – Live at Alpha Mentorship Event

For this episode, I take you into a beautiful family room inside a house in the hills of Malibu where I gave a live talk at an exclusive event for the members of Alpha Mentorship. You’ll get to hear a recording of my entire talk, plus the Q&A.   Some of the topics covered: • […]

trust your journey
Posted on May 17, 2018

Trust Your Journey

I’m recording this a couple of days before my 29th birthday, and as I’m entering the final year of my 20’s, I feel compelled to share one of the most important things I’ve learned and am admittedly still working on in my life and career, because I know others will be able to relate as […]