It's Time to Start - Dustin Lien

It’s Time to Start

time to start


Starting a business is exciting, but often comes with unique fears and challenges. This book provides the answers that will help you overcome financial planning, worries of failure and start-up cash, knowing when and how to quit your job, and other common fears. You’ll learn to master mind tools to successfully start your own business such as time management, choosing a business model, conquering procrastination and more. This isn’t a book with only information on starting a business, but also dives into why now is the time to start.


Some of the topics the book covers:

• Happiness Does Exist
• Working for Someone Else is Not Secure
• Overcoming Fears
• Failure
• Thinking You’re Not Smart Enough
• Financial Risk & Startup Cash
• Age
• Starting After Already Climbing the Corporate Ladder
• Time Management
• Mind Tools for Success
• The Lottery Lie
• Conquering Procrastination
• Self Accountability
• Do You Need a Business Partner?
• Focus Fencing
• Setting Reachable Goals
• Patience and Process
• Surround Yourself With the Right People
• The 6 Rs of Learning
• How and When to Quit Your Job
• Where to Start