Freelance 1k: How to make your first $1,000/mo freelancing

Freelance 1k: How to make your first $1,000/mo freelancing


A 2-hour interactive online workshop

Learn how to make your first $1k/mo freelancing (even if you’re starting from scratch)

Next workshop: June 8th, 2019 from 10am-noon PST (Max 10 people)

Freelancing is the #1 way to take control of your income

How would $1k/mo (or more) of extra income change your life?

I’ve made 6+ figures from freelancing, and 85% of it is from following the same steps this workshop covers.

Rather than just teach you a bunch of theory and “pro tips” that never really help, I’m going to roll up my sleeves and spend 2 hours with you teaching you practical, proven, no-b.s. steps and answering your specific questions

Dustin Lien

Here’s what to expect:

You, me, and 9 others will join into a live video chat together for approximately 2 hours. The first section will be a screen share presentation I’ll give, followed by a *brief* intermission where you’ll be instructed to do some exercises to help you gain clarity for your freelance business. Then, we’ll join back together to review and refine your plan before a final section of open Q&A where we’ll dive into specific questions you have for anything from marketing and sales to taxes and contracts.

We’ll cover:

• Choosing the right service to offer (a.k.a. what work to offer clients)

• How to position yourself for charging great rates

• Finding your ideal clients (who & where are they?)

• Contracts and Taxes (it’s easier than you think)

• Personal branding, closing deals, and marketing yourself

• How to price your freelance service

• +more

You’ll also get:

• Resources for getting clients

• Worksheets

• The workshop video recording


We’re going to go in depth, but the truth is, all it takes to start making $1k or more each  month, is ONE good client.

See you in the workshop!