Dustin Lien | Make a living doing work you love | Author & Entrepreneur

Dustin Lien | Make a living doing work you love | Author & Entrepreneur

Dustin Lien

Hey friend!

I’m Dustin, nice to meet you, welcome to my home :)

This website is the hub where I share blog posts, podcast episodes, and projects I’m working on that are helpful to a specific group of people.

My mission is, and has always been, to help people make a living doing work they love.

I want that for everyone, and I believe it’s possible for most people.

For me, it all started with freelancing. I saw that as a way to replace my 9-5 income over time, and allow me to use it as a launchpad into bigger things and exciting work I love to do.

After a few short months working in my first corporate job, I had a burning feeling inside that there had to be more to life (and to work!) than going to a job I didn’t like every day, getting paid too little to pay basic bills, and getting 10 days of vacation every year…and I was right.

Starting a business isn’t for everyone, and it’s certainly not the only solution to finding work you love, but for me, it’s always been the obvious path.

For 5 years from 9-5 I’d go to my job, and from 6-2am I worked on side businesses and trying to get freelance gigs desperately, failing most of the time, honing my skills until one day something worked.

dustin last day
Selfie on my last day of 9-5 on July 6, 2016

I eventually got enough freelance clients to quit my day job, and eventually leveraged that into the digital marketing agency I now own and run everyday, and I love it.

This website is where I teach everything I know, and continue to learn, about discovering and making a living doing work you love (and all the details in between).

Make a living doing work you love

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